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Hi! I'm Megan Bouchillon, creator, artist, entrepreneur, mom, wife, plant lady, thrifter, and the list goes on. I easily can find sunshine in just about anything but I'm especially passionate about sharing my vulnerabilities, shortcomings and victories as a daughter of the King.

Every piece of art truly comes from my heart and derives from a place that I have been personally with my faith walk. I started designing and painting to encourage myself. I would sketch as I worshiped and I would paint as I listened to my favorite passages. This time with God, listening, worshiping, creating- it's my happy place. I am always filled with courage afterwards and I want to share that with others in a small way.


I hope that by reflecting on different seasons of my life and trying my best to reveal poignant truths about God’s grace through my own words and art, it will bring hope and joy!

All my love,


Did you know that a percentage of your purchase not only supports my family but also goes towards a non-profit that I am passionate about: 

Love That Surpasses - When you purchase from us, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Love that Surpasses, a nonprofit that creates Bags of Hope to be given to mothers that receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Their hope is to promote God’s love for all and to be a valuable resource for families of the special needs community.